today in things that should be super obvious:



that “sjw” might be a troll if…

-they’re using the default tumblr theme

-they use every known sj tag under the sun

-a lot of those tags aren’t even related to the post

-they ID as an “amoeba-kin,” or some other -kin that isn’t otherkin

-(although a lot of trolls ID as otherkin, so…there’s that)

-they claim to support ideas/movements that directly contradict each other (“i’m a gender-experimental trans-critical radical feminist!”)

-they only follow a handful of well-known feminist blogs

-the blogs they follow would never ever get along (e.g. misandry-mermaid and transgender-harms-women)

-they end every sentence with multiple exclamation points!! to show how angry they are!!!

-their language is dated, rarely used in sj circles, and/or hyperbolic (“check your privilege,” “shitlord!!!” “DIE, CISHET WHITE SCUM”)

-their posts read like upvoted comments on tumblrinaction

this just got relevant again.

Juuzou’s Jason.

Do you ship dandy with anyone?

ya w/ booty

Howl’s Moving Castle Scenery by Studio Ghibli

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